Commonly Asked Questions

Where do I get my program card if I missed Distribution Day?

Students may go to A119 beginning September 9th, for a printed copy of their program.

I did not receive a Metrocard , where can I get one?

Any student who did not receive a Metrocard with their program, can report to the Transportation Office (A115), Friday, September 9th during their lunch period. 

 I do not have a 3rd period class listed on my program card, where do I go for attendance?

Students with no period 3 listed on their program card must report to the Auditorium for attendance.  A staff member is assigned to the Auditorium to assist these students with recording their attendance.

 I am programmed for a College Now class, when do classes begin?

All College Now classes will begin on Monday, September 12th.  The Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday College Now classes will begin on Tuesday, September 13th.  Students must report to their College Now class at 7:05 am.


When can I speak to my Guidance Counselor about a program change?

Program changes will be limited and granted only for an error in a grade level for a specific subject, a subject class that was successfully completed in Summer School, or for a missing class required for graduation.

Students who would like to request a program change for the aforementioned reasons may see their guidance counselor in the Auditorium according to the following schedule:


All requests will be reviewed by Guidance Counselors according to the following schedule:

            Friday, 9/9                    Grade 12 students only  (Auditorium)

            Monday, 9/12                Grade 11 students only  (Auditorium)

Tuesday, 9/13               Grade 10 students only  (Auditorium)

            Thursday, 9/15             Grade 9 students only    (Auditorium)

            Friday,   9/16                Make-up Days for any students absent on their assigned day

**Wednesday, September 14th Freshmen Activities Fair & Counselor Meet *& Greet


Students wishing to speak to their guidance counselor regarding a program change may do so during their lunch period or after their school day according to the above schedule.  Students will not be permitted to see their guidance counselor regarding a program change during class time. No exceptions!   Students must follow their original program until they receive their new program card.  


I never had my photo I.D. picture taken, when can I get an I.D. card?

Any student who may need to take new or replacement photo I.D. pictures may do so in the Bookstore during their lunch period, beginning Thursday, September 8th.    


Will there be buses at dismissal?

There will be regular NYC MTA bus service daily.  Additional MTA Bus Maps are available in A126.

MTA Bus Map


When do I receive my Physical Education uniform and when do I change for Physical Education?

Students will not begin changing for Phys. Ed class until September 12th.  Announcements will be made during class time.  P.E. Shirts ordered online will be mailed home. Any freshman who has not received their P.E. Shirt, will be allowed to use a t-shirt until P.E. packages are received. If a freshman did not order a P.E. Shirt on line, they can purchase them at the bookstore or when the online store opens.  We will announce when the online store opens again.



THS 2022-23 Help page for Parents/Guardians




Email Contact/Room


General questions

[email protected] 

718-668-8800, ext. 11213

Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Assennato

Extracurriculuar activities for all grades

Clubs and Student Events

Senior Events

[email protected] 

Room B015I

Coordinator of Student Activities- COSA, Ms. Siegel

(Back of the large cafe)

Advanced Placement Courses and Registration

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Reynolds

Athletics/PSAL Teams

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Bloom 

Attendance Issues  

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Reynolds

Absent from school (more than two days)

  • Attendance office at (718) 668-8800 ext. 11218 to report the absence. 
  • Notify Guidance Counselor
  • Email teachers

College Office

[email protected]

Mr. Neville, College Advisor

Mrs. DelPriore, Secretary

College Now Classes:

  • College of Staten Island
  • Kingsborough

[email protected]


[email protected]

Assistant Principal Pagliarulo

Ms. Formino

Community Service Activities 

[email protected] 

Ms. Siegel, COSA



Disciplinary Concerns (including cyber issues, mediation, safety etc)

D009A- Dean’s Office


[email protected] 

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Pagliarulo

Donna Prestileo-Morales, Secretary

   James Grosso, School Aide

Mr. Kuzar, Social Worker

Ms. Devoll, Mediation Specialist


Dean Gregorio

Dean DiTrento

Dean Balioni

Dean Woodman

Dean Lorenzo

Dean Isola

Dean Avena

Dean Beshai

Dean Galati

Dean Mannion

Dean Althoff

Dean Morales

Dean Rios

Dean Goldberg

Dean Nalewajko

Dean Price

Department/Subject Concerns

(see the website for directory)

Assistant Principal Abuella, STEAM-Science


Assistant Principal Bloom, Organization


Assistant Principal

LaMorte, Performing Arts


Assistant Principal Mercil, Instructional Support


Assistant Principal Pagliarulo, Student Life


Assistant Principal Reynolds, Programming


Assistant Principal Sacco, World Languages/ENL


Assistant Principal Scognamiglio, Data/Pedagogy


Assistant Principal Soldini, Humanities 11-12


Assistant Principal Tierno, Humanities 9-10


Assistant Principal Ulitto, STEAM-Math


Assistant Principal Watkins, Guidance

DOE Email addresses for students: 


NYC Schools Account

Student can visit Mr. Reynolds in Room A230 or our School Librarians


Website for Directions

RESET student information(password and pin)

Room A230

Device Request/ Problem 

[email protected] 

Rosa Biondolillo, Secretary

General Office A126

Diploma/Graduation Requirements/Regents Registration

Link to counselor emails

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Watkins

Guidance Counselor

Elevator Pass

[email protected] 

General Office A126

ENL/MLL Questions and Concerns

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Sacco

Ms. Scire, TESOL Teacher

Ms Hamad, TESOL Teacher

Immunization Records/COVID Consent forms

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Reynolds

Mediation/Conflict Resolution Center

[email protected] 


Mental Wellness

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Watkins

Medical Room/Nurse’s Office



National Honor Society

[email protected] 

[email protected] 

Mr. Vuolo room A221

Ms. Siegel room B015I (back of the large cafe)

Reset Password for Student Account


Direction Sheet to reset password

Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Specialist 

[email protected]

Ms.  Rivera 

Photo ID/PE Uniform

[email protected] 


PSAT/SAT/ACT Information 

[email protected]

Ms. DePrima, Teacher

Respect for All Liaisons

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Watkins

Ms. Pugilese, RFA Liaison/Guidance Counselor

Ms. Devoll, RFA Liaison/Teacher

Special Education Concerns 

Instructional Support Services

[email protected]

Mrs. Herz, Secretary

Transfer/Discharge from School 

[email protected]

Ms. McNiece, Secretary

Tutoring Schedule 

Will be posted on the school website:

Various Departments

Working Papers 

Book Store B015 

Mrs. Stoltzenberg

YABC Program

Young Adult Borough Office

 [email protected] 

Room D230/D003


[email protected]