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2022-2023 School Registration Process



2022-2023 School Year



In order to register for Tottenville High School, you must email the Family Welcome Center :

[email protected] 

for a disposition letter

Welcome Center : Office of High School Placement

715 Ocean Terrace, Building A, Staten Island NY 10301





You will need to submit the following information to them:


  1. Student’s Name and Date of Birth
  2. Two forms of proof of address, i.e. utility bills, deed, water bill
  3. Immunization Record (first time admit to public school)
  4. Birth certificate, passport, visa  (first time admit to public school)
  5. Last report card and/or transcript (school needs this in order to properly program your student)



After you register online with the Family Welcome Center, you will receive a disposition letter that you will need to complete your registration process. In order to complete the process, please bring your disposition letter and meet with Ms. Louise McNiece, Pupil Accounting Secretary.