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Automated Telephone Message Directory

Welcome to Tottenville HS

If you know your party's extension please dial it at any time.

For the main office please dial 0.

Parent Coordinator 

Press 1

Dean’s Office 

Press 2

Guidance Department 

Press 3

  Mr. Corbo 

Press 0

  Ms. DeSantis  Press 1    
  Ms. DeJohn  Press 2    
  Ms. DeBoer  Press 3    
  Ms. Fernandez  Press 4    
  Ms. Forminio  Press 5    
  Mr. Levy Press 6    
  Ms. Marro  Press 7    
  Ms. Mazzoloa DiCecco  Press 8    
    For Additional Guidance Counselors  Press 9  
    Ms. Shapiro Press 0   
    Mr. Neville  Press 2  
    Ms. Tobio  Press 3  
    Ms. Patrick  Press 4  
    Ms. Murray  Press 5  
    Ms. Pugliese  Press 6  
    Ms. Siegel  Press 7  
Subject area Assistant Principal Press 4      
  English Department Department  Press 1    
  Social Studies Department  Press 2    
  Mathematics Department  Press 3    
  Science and Health Careers Department  Press 4    
  Languages Other than English Department  Press 5    
  Physical and Health Education Department  Press 6    
  Visual, Performing and Careers Arts Department  Press 7    
  Instructional Support Services Department  Press 8    
Attendance Office  Press 5      
School Administration  Press 6      
  Assistant Principal of School Administration of Organization:      
  Mr. Bloom 
Press 1
  Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services:      
  Ms. Watkins  Press 2    
  Assistant Principal of Student Life:      
  Mr. Pagliarulo  Press 3    
  Assistant Principal of Programming, Accounting and Accessibility:      
  Mr. Reynolds  Press 4    
College Office  Press 7      
  College Office Secretary  Press 0    
  College Advisor Mr. Neville  Press 1    
Nurse’s Office  Press 8      
Any additional offices  Press 9      
  Student Organization Office Press 1    
  School Records and Transcripts  Press 2    
  Testing and Transportation Office  Press 3    
  YABC Program  Press 4    
  Student Admission & Discharge Office  Press 5    
  UFT Office  Press 6    
  PTA Office  Press 7    
  Office of the Athletic Director  Press 8    
  Office of the Custodial Engineer  Press 9