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College Board Accommodations

College Board Accommodations 

College Board is a not for profit organization that gives exams that are meant to measure student preparedness for Colleges and Universities. Students who have an IEP or a 504 are eligible to receive accommodations. College Board accommodations are used towards AP exams, PSAT, and the SAT. English Language Learner are eligible to receive accommodations for SAT School day administration only and must apply every year.

Does my child automatically get College Board accommodations? 

No. You must apply to receive accommodations such as extended time for their exams. You must submit a consent form to the school to apply on your behalf, which essentially grants the school to release your child’s information concerning the disabilities to a non-governmental organization. Please note the approval process can take several weeks to be processed.

To send the consent form and/or questions about applying for accommodations should be directed to Ms. Brandonisio: [email protected]

Please follow this link for the consent form

When should I apply for accommodations?

You can apply at any time, however it would be recommended that by Sophomore year students apply so that they have accommodations in place for Junior year. Applications to request accommodations take between 7-10 weeks to approve. Therefore, waiting to apply for accommodations close to a College Board exam is not recommended.

How often do I need to apply for accommodations?

Only once, accommodations are good for five years, so they last the length of a typical high school career.

My child’s testing accommodations on exams have changed and no longer line up with College Board accommodations, should we change them?

Yes, as students’ needs change, their accommodations should reflect those changes. You would simply submit the consent form again for Tottenville to apply on your behalf. Be advised any changes will take 7-10 weeks to update. 

What type of accommodations is my child entitled to?

That would depend on your child’s IEP. The most common accommodations are:

  • Extended time- 50%
  • Reader
  • Writer/Scribe
  • Small Group Setting (usually 15 or less in a testing room)

What is the difference between a School Based Test Taker and a Center Based Test taker?

Center Based Test Takers are students who receive ONLY extended time and/or Small Group Setting. These students would take the SAT for example on a Saturday at whichever Center site you sign up for..

School Based Test Takers are students who receive additional accommodations such as a Reader, Writer/Scribe, or 100% extended time. These students will take the exam during the school day so that their accommodations can be met. Typically the exam will be given the Monday following the Saturday SAT administration, however, when you will be taking the exam will be communicated beforehand. Questions concerning Collegeboard exam administration should be directed to Mr. Hession: [email protected]

When would my child take the SAT?

At the same time as when the SAT is offered. For school based test takers, if you register for the August administration of the exam, College Board offers two windows to give the exam, one in August and the other in September. Because Tottenville High School is closed during the first window, it will be given during the second window, typically during the first full week of school.

When I register for College Board do I need to do anything to get my child’s accommodations?

No, your accommodations are automatically applied. You will receive a letter/email from College Board informing you of which accommodations have been approved for your child. That same letter will contain your child’s SSD number, that number will be used towards your registration for any College Board exam. You also may need it if you contact College Board for any reason.  

Does Collegeboard accommodations apply to the ACT?

No, the ACT is a separate entity from Collegeboard. It is a separate application process. Questions about applying for ACT accommodations should be directed to Ms. Brandonisio: [email protected]