Program Change Requests

When can I speak to my Guidance Counselor about a program change?

Program changes will be limited and granted only for an error in a grade level for a specific subject, a subject class that was successfully completed in Summer School, or for a missing class required for graduation.

Students who would like to request a program change for the aforementioned reasons may see their guidance counselor in the Auditorium according to the following schedule:


All requests will be reviewed by Guidance Counselors according to the following schedule:

            Friday, 9/9                    Grade 12 students only  (Auditorium)

            Monday, 9/12                Grade 11 students only  (Auditorium)

Tuesday, 9/13               Grade 10 students only  (Auditorium)

            Thursday, 9/15             Grade 9 students only    (Auditorium)

            Friday,   9/16                Make-up Days for any students absent on their assigned day

**Wednesday, September 14th Freshmen Activities Fair & Counselor Meet *& Greet


Students wishing to speak to their guidance counselor regarding a program change may do so during their lunch period or after their school day according to the above schedule.  Students will not be permitted to see their guidance counselor regarding a program change during class time. No exceptions!   Students must follow their original program until they receive their new program card.